Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Teacher ID

The point from the Jacqueline Jones Royster and Rebecca Greenberg Taylor article that there should be a focus on teacher identity and not just student identity seems a valid one (214). Also it makes sense that a teacher should look at one's own teaching to see what may be causing problems in the classroom and not just trying to figure out students and classify them. Naturally teaching a class is like most situations in that there is more than one side to consider when confronting the issues that arise. A teacher should not just focus on trying to solve the learning problems of a student. The teacher should also take a thorough look at the methods and style being used in trying to educate the class. Though as it is brought up in the article, the style of pedagogy is not the only source to look at about how one works with a class. There is also one's own background to consider in how that may affect why a teacher does certain things and how one relates to a class (Royster 214).
The keeping of a teacher journal, like the one Taylor kept, seems a very good idea (Royster 219). I think a journal would especially be a good idea for new teachers, but also any teacher could keep one to see if it helps them identify problems they come across with their students. I hope that I might think of using a journal when I start teaching. I may not keep it religiously as Greenberg probably did since she was also doing it for research, though writing down events that are troublesome could be good to look back on later. Hopefully that way I can look at the events more clearly to see what would be best to be done.

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